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To celebrate two full years of this blog, and the amazing opportunity I’ve had to interview litigators from many different jurisdictions, I wanted to speak again with the first lawyer who was kind enough to let me interview her for this blog. So I reached out to Marta Vilardell Oliveras, an attorney from Barcelona, to ask her some more questions about litigation in Spain. In particular, I wanted to know what employment litigation is like there.
I need to engage a Spanish lawyer to advise on suitability for a UK drafted contract of employment between UK company and a resident of Barcelona. Needs looking at asap. Can you help or refer me to the appropriate lawyer, thanks.
David Devesa
Founding Partner- CEO.
¿Qué sociedades están obligadas en España a designar letrado asesor del órgano de administración y cuál es la consecuencia de incumplir dicho mandato legal? ¿qué funciones tiene el letrado asesor y quién puede asumir el cargo? Lo explico en el blog de Devesa & Calvo Abogados.

Dear colleagues, I'm happy to join this network as a member from Russia. Will be happy to assist you in case you need legal services here.