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Relationship Building
Relationship Building

Relationship building is when lawyers build personal connections with clients that lay the foundation for trust based on either common affinity and liking one another and/or business value (connection based on strength of business impact).

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Looking for lawyers from Singapore to connect with in preparation of my conference travel of this year in August! Happy to connect
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This week is all about Relationship Selling at NEXL Business of Law Hub!

Stay tuned for when we release the awesome Fireside Chat between Ben Chiriboga and Alistair Marshall.

In the meantime, be sure to take a look at the BoL Hub for awesome resources and articles exploring this important topic.

Marie - this is a very interesting and insightful question. My first CLE course was called "How to Keep Your Client's Trust When Things Go Wrong." The course dealt with the topic of why, after a lawyer has done everything he/she is supposed to do, a client gets angry, frustrated, annoyed and takes it out out on the lawyer. Is the lawyer doing something wrong? Every lawyer prepares a client - every lawyer tells clients a lot of things at the beginning of a case, before trial, before deposition to prepare the client and set expectations. But no matter, the... (More)