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Solonas Antoniou
Property/Real Estate Lawyer
Sometimes people don’t make the proper arrangements for their assets until it’s too late. This means that their assets may go to unintended beneficiaries or even the state. Proper planning for old age and inheritance allows one to have peace of mind for the future.

Check out the comment section for 5 important reasons for planning your estate.

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Solonas Antoniou
Property/Real Estate Lawyer
Selling a property may cause inconvenience, stress and anxiety.

Whether the property you are selling is a Villa in Paphos, a bungalow in Limassol, or an apartment in Nicosia, I suggest you the 5 steps to take to do it better!

Check the link below and let me have your comments!

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Solonas Antoniou
Property/Real Estate Lawyer
Covid-19 has highlighted the need of people to live in a safe, sunny and clean country providing a high quality of life. Get a permanent residency in Cyprus quickly and stress-free with an investment of €300.000 plus VAT.

Contact me today for more information at

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Chaim Tekuzener
Senior Associate at Raveh Haber & Co. Adv.
It's nice to see the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) trying to bring the Israeli market to the 21st century :) "The ISA approved a new private financing and trading channel that significantly facilitates debt and equity financing and trading in corporations and partnerships operating mainly in the following sectors: real estate and investment property (overseas only); R&D (high-tech) including VC funds; financing funds, and other equity instruments backed by the government support programs for the business sector and SME financing... This new initiative will allow corporations and partnerships in these sectors to raise equity or debt on a designated trading... (More)