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Real estate, construction and infrastructure
Real estate, construction and infrastructure
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Get ready for our final event of the year - and we're ending with a BANG! We bring you a special event, inspired by the festivities and sentiments of Christmas, setting you up for a whole new 2021 and hosted by our very own Francine Tone - Emotional Intelligence and the Law Emotional Intelligence is a quickly growing field and has proven to be an integral aspect of modern management methods. What is Emotional Intelligence and how do we measure it? Why should lawyers care about their own, and their partners, associates, even staff's level of emotional intelligence? Learn more... (More)
Deb Feder
Business Development Strategist
Thinking about taking on an entire new year is daunting at best. What if you could give yourself a head start on 2021 with a plan in place? A roadmap to help you break down the days and weeks to move those big goals forward while you know you are going to have to still triage and scramble to meet those big client demands. Join us: December 29th at 9 a.m. (central time with replay available for all who register) to plan for 90 in 60. The best part? We are taking care of the planning! You just need to... (More)