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Insightful/informative content by Reuters about how law firms can sustainably acquire new clients, published by yours truly:
Ever heard of Legal Design? This week NEXL is featuring Legal Design and so I'm giving a very special promotion to BoL hub members to join our online courses 👇👇 Every legal professional keen to immerse into the future of law today benefit from our programs: ⚖️ Practicing lawyers ⚙️Legal technologists 👨‍🏫 and Law professors. . You probably already know that at Legal Creatives we run an Online Academy all year ling and that our next Legal Design Expert program is coming up in May. . But what you might NOT know thought is that Legal Creatives and N... (More)
New Attorney Started at Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP today! Welcome Jorge Fragoso to our criminal, civil and appeals team!
Heidi Turner
Legal Marketing Writer and Content Strategist
When you offer a professional service, you have to sell yourself. Selling yourself is difficult. What often happens is we look at how people in similar roles market themselves and we copy that. The result is many people selling similar services and talking about themselves in the exact same way. Using the same language and metrics. Clients don't know the difference between you and the next professional they come across. Lots of lawyers can make similar claims about themselves (x number of clients; recovered y dollars; z court victories) but clients can't tell what that information means for them specifically,... (More)