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Katya Mezek
Managing Attorney at LEKS Law, P.C.

Hi David, 

I have a law firm, LEKS Law, P.C., based in the Bay Area focusing on General Corporate, M&A, and IP/Data Privacy. We are a small boutique firm but have a lot of experience with corporate governance including for DE entities. Therefore, we could assist on the U.S. side, as needed. 

My direct email is: kmezek@lekslaw.com27

Website: www.lekslaw.com34

Phone: 818-259-3311

Best regards, 


Dear colleagues, I'm happy to join this network as a member from Russia. Will be happy to assist you in case you need legal services here.

Commercial criminal law: In Germany - as in most other countries of the world - there is the possibility of asset recovery after a criminal offence. In German criminal law, this asset seizure is also known as confiscation ("Einziehung"). The idea behind asset confiscation in criminal law is relatively simple and comprehensible from the legislator's point of view: It is intended to completely skim off any pecuniary advantages unlawfully obtained from criminal offences and thus at the same time prevent criminal offences from being economically profitable for the perpetrators. This goes to the root of the economic motive for the... (More)