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Employment and pensions (contentious)
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To celebrate two full years of this blog, and the amazing opportunity I’ve had to interview litigators from many different jurisdictions, I wanted to speak again with the first lawyer who was kind enough to let me interview her for this blog. So I reached out to Marta Vilardell Oliveras, an attorney from Barcelona, to ask her some more questions about litigation in Spain. In particular, I wanted to know what employment litigation is like there.
In today's challenging economic climate, it is more important than ever for businesses to seek expert help before parting company with their senior people. With legal, financial and reputational risks all potentially at stake, expert legal advice will help you follow a path that both protects and delivers commercial, outcomes-focussed results.

In a little over 3 minutes, I summarise in this video the help we offer and the value we can add to these very sensitive instructions.

Do get in touch for a chat if our approach strikes a chord with you.