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Are there any essentials to constitute force majeure? Yes, there are some basic ingredients that need to be fulfilled in order for a contract to fall under force majeure: - An occurrence of unexpected or unforeseen events. - All possible effort to perform the contract or to minimize the damage has been taken by the party. - The party claiming inability of performance must be under obligation able to prove. - There should be a causal link between the event and the non-occurrence of a contract. - Force majeure clause is determined on a case-to-case basis and isn’t universal in... (More)
The ‘doctrine of frustration’ deals with the contractual obligations which become impracticable or impossible to perform for the parties due to some unforeseen events.

Similarly, the force majeure clause protects the parties to the contract from occurring financial liability. It allocates the risk of loss when the performance of a contract becomes impracticable, as a result of an unexpected event that is beyond the control of the parties. 

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