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Get ready for our final event of the year - and we're ending with a BANG! We bring you a special event, inspired by the festivities and sentiments of Christmas, setting you up for a whole new 2021 and hosted by our very own Francine Tone - Emotional Intelligence and the Law Emotional Intelligence is a quickly growing field and has proven to be an integral aspect of modern management methods. What is Emotional Intelligence and how do we measure it? Why should lawyers care about their own, and their partners, associates, even staff's level of emotional intelligence? Learn more... (More)
Fact witnesses at trial can only testify about facts they know from their own personal knowledge. But sometimes, a party needs to introduce evidence about general practices and customs in an industry, or about some fact that requires an opinion from an expert. To address that need, courts often allow experts to testify in litigation about the subject of their expertise.

One step in the process of introducing expert testimony is preparing reports by the expert that set forth the substance of their testimony. These reports often require a lot of work, both from the expert and from counsel.
Eli Bernstein
Commercial & Fintech Lawyer

Having been forced to work remotely, the tyranny of distance between us all has evaporated. This provides a great opportunity to expand our network beyond our natural borders and work as part of interstate or international teams.