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Company set-up / secretarial
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Joe Amisi, ACIArb
Principal Attorney, Lehmann Associates at Lehmann Associates
#Romania 🇷🇴 | New steps towards debureaucratising functioning of companies
Katya Mezek
Managing Attorney at LEKS Law, P.C.

Hi David, 

I have a law firm, LEKS Law, P.C., based in the Bay Area focusing on General Corporate, M&A, and IP/Data Privacy. We are a small boutique firm but have a lot of experience with corporate governance including for DE entities. Therefore, we could assist on the U.S. side, as needed. 

My direct email is: kmezek@lekslaw.com26

Website: www.lekslaw.com33

Phone: 818-259-3311

Best regards, 


Pawan Sharma
Global Digital Solutions | Legal Partners Development
Accelerate the performance of the contract lifecycle management from start to finish.

We at Writs Law Int. & Legal Counsels (UK) Ltd. can provide you with the best services at budget-friendly rates under the FSP model of working, for your outsourced tasks.

Reach out for FREE CONSULTATION at

Visit for more info.

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