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At trial, technical rules dictate what evidence is admissible and what evidence is not. Not only does this require lawyers to do a lot of work before trial to make sure their evidence is admitted, but it could baffle some people about why some great evidence wasn’t included on the grounds of foundation or hearsay.
Honored to be included in Lawline's Top Women Faculty of 2020, along with quite a distinguished list of women lawyers. Here's a link to the article - read about all the women who are mentioned.
Did you know that NEXL Business of Law Hub theme this week is Legal Design!? Let's talk about the ROI of Legal Design to get things started!

In this article, I answer the question: "Is Legal Design another nice-to-have and is it a must-have investment?"

Since Legal Design can be applied to all areas of laws, I've tagged others topics in addition to Legal Design Channel for this piece ;)

Read more to learn how Legal Design can help you decide the highest ROI on your law firms' time:

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