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Do Hang
Senior Lawyer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What do you think about any opportunity for lawyers in Covid 19 pandemic?

Where am I?

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Eli Bernstein
Commercial & Fintech Lawyer

Having been forced to work remotely, the tyranny of distance between us all has evaporated. This provides a great opportunity to expand our network beyond our natural borders and work as part of interstate or international teams.      

To be honest, all crisis are good for lawyers (in my humble opinion), if people or companies have more problems that need to be solved work will flow much more. However, our problem here could be able to actually be paid for those services. 


I personally see these times as an opportunity so let´s work to have the best year possible.

While some areas will get busier (like insolvency), others will flounder a little. 

Perhaps a good opportunity to create more of an online presence as in-person interactions are on the decline. What do you think @Do Hang11 ?

Zsófia dr. Sallai
Senior Associate engaged in Life Science, Employment, M&A matters

It demands faster and straighter legal advice! It is a great opportunity to show my clients what can I do best. 

In my opinion cyber securities, insurance, and employment laws have opportunities during the pandemic. Soon after the pandemic is over, we will see a rise in cases related to insolvency, mergers, and investment.

Harshad Rathod
Advocate/Legal Counsel HNR LEGAL

I think for lawyers in Covid 19 pandemic has forced to adopt new model practises, as most of us lawyers are doing virtual hearing in our partising jurisdictions. The level of transparency has reaching new levels as well as the bar and bench are giving best co-operation to each other to innovate and come up  with new solutions. 

There will be a huge opportunity for Immigration lawyers in the USA on or around the election specifically because of how the current administration is handling Covid!