A Public Notice has been published today by the Nairobi Metropolitan Service in respect to Processing of Development Applications [building plans, change of user, extension of user, subdivision and amalgamation, advertisements,extension and renewal of lease]. As per the Notice:
1. The e-construction development application processing system formerly managed by the Nairobi City County Government (NCCG) is hereby suspended with immediate effect pending development of a new system.
2. All development applications shall continue to be submitted to the Director General, Nairobi Metropolitan Service,
3. The Nairobi City County Pre-Technical Committee and the Nairobi City Urban Planning Technical Committee are hereby disbanded with immediate effect
4. New Nairobi City County Pre-Technical and Urban Planning Development Committees shall be constituted within seven days from the date of the notice.
5. All applications processed through the e-construction development management system formerly managed by the NCCG from 18th March 2020 to date and going forward are and will be null and void.

This public notice will definitely have quite some ramifications in the construction industry and commercial sector.