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Marie - this is a very interesting and insightful question. My first CLE course was called "How to Keep Your Client's Trust When Things Go Wrong." The course dealt with the topic of why, after a lawyer has done everything he/she is supposed to do, a client gets angry, frustrated, annoyed and takes it out out on the lawyer. Is the lawyer doing something wrong? Every lawyer prepares a client - every lawyer tells clients a lot of things at the beginning of a case, before trial, before deposition to prepare the client and set expectations. But no matter, the... (More)

Ever heard of Legal Design? This week NEXL is featuring Legal Design and so I'm giving a very special promotion to BoL hub members to join our online courses 👇👇 Every legal professional keen to immerse into the future of law today benefit from our programs: ⚖️ Practicing lawyers ⚙️Legal technologists 👨‍🏫 and Law professors. . You probably already know that at Legal Creatives we run an Online Academy all year ling and that our next Legal Design Expert program is coming up in May. . But what you might NOT know thought is that Legal Creatives and N... (More)
Have you had a look yet at NEXL’s State of Business Development Survey 2021?

This resource is particularly useful for uncovering how lawyers around the world are practicing business development at their firm post Covid-19.

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